Here's the inspiring history of Skagen Watches.

Published: 11th June 2009
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Back in 1986 Henrik Jorst and Charlotte Kjolbye were introduced at a corporate party and wound up up falling in love. Shortly after, Carlsberg, Henrik's then employers transferred him to The Big Apple to manage their North American marketing operation. Before long, Charlotte linked up with Henrik in New York and they got hitched the subsequent year.

A Danish buddy sent Henrik some samples of his company gift watches to determine if the young couple could build a market for them in the USA. They progressed to designing their own ideas in fashion watches and very soon found that corporate buyers admired the designs but told the couple that they should be selling the watches under a brand name rather than just offer them with company logo branding.
In reply the Danes produced eight hundred watches in 4 unique designs under the handle Skagen Denmark. The coule founded Skagen as a result of a deep seated passion for design and a strong belief that they knew what people wanted - specifically, wonderfully designed, fine quality watches with Scandinavian chic at a sensible price.
The first heap of Skagen watches shortly sold out, as did another cargo and for the next year Henrik and Charlotte crafted thirty new models. Charlotte had a totally by chance meeting with a producer of an enormous mail order catalogue. The buyer took a chance and put the Skagen womens watches on the back of the special Father's Day edition. The total stock sold out and the couple suddenly had a sales total of US$800,000 whilst working from their New York apartment.

Fast forward to 1995 and Bloomingdales took the Skagen Denmark watches on a trial basis. They sold out in a single day. In 1998 Inc. magazine listed Skagen Designs as being amongst the 250 swiftest growing private corporations in the USA. Turnover had increased by 1200 percent over 5 years. A new office was opened in Denmark to set up ECU distribution and eighty stores in Denmark began selling the watches.

By 1996 the Skagen Denmark company had grown to nearly one hundred workers and the brand started selling their products in the United Kingdom, followed by Germany and the Netherlands in year two thousand. the year 2000. The company has gone from strength to strength since then and is now an enormous concern with 160 staff and distribution in more than sixty global markets. The brand now offers more than 250 watch designs sold in more than 5000 stores worldwide.

On the most northern peninsula of Denmark where the North Sea and the Baltic combine can be discovered the small town of Skagen with its pretty white sandy beaches offering recess from the hustle and bustle of modern life. It is little wonder numerous artists have been making their way here since the 1890s to capture the sheer, unspoilt sweetness of the sea and the sand illuminated by the very special qualities of the natural light found in this region. It is here where the natural purity and sweetness of Danish design found its unique qualities. This tiny hamlet set by the sea is still the foundation for all Skagen Denmark products.

Everything about Skagen's designs challenges traditional watch market trends. Skagen like to provide an authentic design philosophy that stays devoted to the founders' original vision year after year.
You won't find any outsized, loud, designs bearing the Skagen name. Instead you will find clean, chic designs, skillful craftsmanship and technical perfection. This ends in their ultra-slim signature watches with fine chrome steel mesh bands, swish yet classic designs and refined, galvanizing colours and styles at the leading edge of fresh culture. Skagen's mission is to supply a sumptuous appearance at an affordable price..

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